Shin Sangoku Musou 7 Empires JPN NSW-iND

Shin Sangoku Musou 7 Empires JPN NSW-iND


Dynasty Warriors 8: Empiresis a standalone expansion to Dynasty Warriors 8/Xtreme Legends.

As well the addition of the new character Xun Yun, the entire Xtreme Legends roster will appear in Empires. Empire Mode will now include all new dramatic events while the Fame system has been tweaked to allow the option to explore different play styles.

The 3rditeration of Dynasty Warriors 8brings the player all the hack and slash action we’ve grown to love, along with precise expansions on game-play and graphics. Features from previous installments will be returning, such as all the previous game modes as well as the multiple weapon types, while also including many expansions on these existing concepts.


Region: Region Free






The many available stratagems from the previous Empires title will be making their way into the latest version but with enhanced features. One of the most notable inclusions are the new grand-scale stratagems that take much longer to enact but impact the battlefield in a much more meaningful way. Adding a healthy dose of immersion (and all around a cool feature) is the introduction of weather conditions and time itself – which can affect the effectiveness of certain stratagems and change the appearance of the battlefield.

Players can keep and reuse their previous edit characters since the same edit features return in this title.You can also edit the appearances of your banner,soldiers, horses, and even create scenarios to upload for online sessions.






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