PictoQuest eShop NSW-SUXXORS

PictoQuest eShop NSW-SUXXORS


Challenge your deductive skills by helping our two young heroes on their quest to bring the legendary paintings of Pictoria back!

Look carefully at the numbers on the edges of the grid to stop the sneaky wizard Moonface…


| Publisher: Plug In Digital Platform: Nintendo Switch |
| Developer: NanoPiko Origin: eShop |
| Genre: Adventure / Role-Playing Title ID: 010043B00E1CE000 |
| Date: August 2019 Format: 09x50MB / NSP |



English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.



– Face plenty of grids and discover some beautifully animated enemies and artefacts!

– Fight baddies (even bosses!) on the way. Be smart or you could be the target of a critical hit!

– Having some issues with a specific puzzle? Head to the shop and spend some gold on powerful magic items.

– Try to reach the end of the world map, one puzzle at a time. You’ll find villagers giving you special missions, too!

PictoQuest is an addictive game for everyone, come save the realm of Pictoria!







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