Little Triangle NSW-iND

Little Triangle NSW-iND


Little Triangle is a side-scrolling action game. Button operations are simply walking and jumping. Complete the stages by defeating the unique enemy characters and bosses!


Sorry no iNFO



German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese



Story Mode (1 player)

Packed with a variety of over 30 stages
Each stage contains hidden areas and caught citizens
Discover them all to complete the stages

MultiPlayer Mode (2-4 players)

Contains “Combat” and “Cooperation”
Play the Combat mode to enjoy the different stages with friends!
Cooperation mode will be played by a single player but with the help to complete the story mode
Single player mode will contain distinctive bits created specially for this mode

Challenge (1 player)

Challenge the boss stages with a time score
You can receive new rules and skins once completed

Supported Language

It also corresponds to Polish.







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